Garden Design

All gardens differ, in size, needs, soil and surroundings. All can be catered for with proper thought. Before any of our gardens are created, it is very important to sit and discuss a customers requirements and listen to any ideas that they have. With all the good intentions in the world a garden can be created over night and within a low budget, but if the garden consists of plants and colour that a customer does not like then the garden is worthless. We put our ideas forward to the client and we ask for the client to put they’re ideas to us, and then between the two we can establish a pattern for your garden.

Soil is a very big part in determining what you can get from your new garden. It is our job to advise you of what plants will grow within the condition of your soil and the type of irrigation that needs to be introduced. New soil can always be added to a garden but here in Spain not all delivered soil is the same. The soil that we introduce to your garden is always complimentary to the type of plants that will be planted in your new garden. This giving a long and thriving garden for you to enjoy year after year.

Needs is also a big factor to consider when creating a garden. If a low maintenance garden is needed then let us choose plants and cactuses that will give you season colour without the expense of water and maintenance charge. Colour from a garden does not always have to come from flowers. There are many yuccas, cactus and cypress that can give you all year round colour within the foliage of the plant. These are a low maintenance and ever growing popular option for non resident home owners. Also by combining tiled areas and artificial grass can give you a garden that will never change and every visit to your holiday home is a holiday and not one that you have to get your hands dirty (click here for example). On the other end of the scale if you need a large garden mixed with various mediterraenan plants, fruit trees and a mix of seasonal plants, then we can provide and advise on every need.


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